Frank Falkenburg on Birmingham Business Journal

Frank Falkenburg on Birmingham Business Journal

Executive Profile: Frank Falkenburg Talks Success and Succession

by A.J. O’Leary – Banking and Legal Reporter, Birmingham Business Journal
May 7, 2024

Fifty-nine years in, Frank Falkenburg still has work to do. 

Falkenburg is founder and chairman of NBC Securities, a local wealth management firm with $5 billion in assets under management and 82 brokers across offices in 13 states. After 29 years in business, Falkenburg told the BBJ in a recent interview NBC Securities is at a crossroads. The wealth management field is consolidating as small firms seek the benefits of scale, ever more tasks are automated and a shrinking talent pipeline and the great wealth transfer loom large in the background. Still, Falkenburg wants to grow the firm organically—a strategy he is setting the next generation up for, too.

“We’re somewhat at a tipping point in the business,” he said. “You’re either huge or you’re boutique, and we’re a boutique-type firm.”

Today a full-service independent broker-dealer and registered investment adviser serving individual and institutional clients, NBC Securities has grown across state lines and through changes in ownership, market ups and downs and more.

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