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Retirement Plans

As your retirement plan advisors, we will collaborate with you to develop a retirement program that provides your staff with the means to supplement their financial resources in their retirement years.

We will partner with you to:

  • build a retirement plan strategy that fits you and your staff’s unique needs
  • choose the most appropriate service provider/record keeper
  • minimize your fiduciary risk while complying with all ERISA, federal and/or regulatory requirements
  • develop investment fund options that provide a broad range of participant choices
  • measure the success of your program with ongoing review and communication

The plan advisor relationship offers additional value by providing participants with plan education and one-on-one investment guidance to assist them in determining and meeting their retirement goals.

Supporting the Plan Sponsor

  • Plan design and development
  • Consultative administrative support
  • Investment performance reviews
  • Plan mergers and compliance support

Supporting the Plan Participants

  • Enrollment meetings
  • Educational workshops
  • Investment guidance
  • Retirement planning

Contact NBCS or your NBCS Financial Consultant for more details.