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Building Wealth

Through analysis of our client’s investment objectives and risk tolerance our Financial Consultants may recommend a specific investment product or series of products targeted to best suit a client’s goals:


The fact that all areas of the stock market may not continue to rise in tandem makes expert advice on what to buy and sell essential. We help our clients to position themselves so that their strategy meets their needs without compromising their tolerance for risk.


Venturing into the bond market without knowledge and guidance could yield disappointments. We help clients carefully weigh such factors as credit rating, return, duration and call protection to match specific bonds with an investment strategy.


The number of mutual funds and exchange trade funds (ETF’s) now exceed the number of stocks of individual companies listed on the major securities exchanges. To help navigate this maze, an NBC Securities Financial Consultant can compare various funds’ investing styles, objectives, management and performance with the aim to select a fund to match an investor’s goals and risk tolerance.  An investment plan can be implemented to monitor those funds selected to ensure they continue to meet investment objectives.


The ability of annuity products to provide tax-deferred accumulation of capital has made them popular among some investors. NBC Securities can provide advice on a wide range of annuity products, variable, indexed or fixed, from a select group of providers and analyze the often subtle product difference to find the right product.